October Readings Sale

I am having a readings sale for all of October. Prices listed are discounted 20% below my usual pricing. After Halloween Weekend I will be redoing my menu and upping my regular prices.

All prices are in Canadian $$. All booking must be prepaid. I accept paypal, EMT, and amazon.ca gift certificates for Americans who don't use paypal. Unfortunately we do not have Cash App in Canada.

In the event you need to cancel, we can rebook you. If I need to reschedule and we cannot find another suitable date, I will refund you. Otherwise no refunds available.

I am in Atlantic time, which is 1 hour past Eastern time. Appointment times listed in my timezone.

Oct 12 - 17th appointments available 1pm-9pm (no availability Oct 16)

Oct 19 - 23rd appointments available 10am-1pm

Oct 24 - 28 appointments available 1pm-9pm


No appointment required, these are sent via email and typically delivered in 1-3 days

•Charts $24 - approx 30 page document, in depth astrology chart done with professional software

•Synastry $44 - the comparison of 2 charts and how the two people will be in love relationships (can also be used for any type of partnership, business, family, etc)

•Transits $24 first year / $8 per extra year - one years worth of planetary transits to your Natal Radix, this is a forecast of your year based on transits. You can choose any year to look up, past or present.

Astro Services Requiring appointment;

•In depth explanation of chart $36

•Intuitve guidance w chart explanation $20


Tarot not requiring an appointment, these are sent via message with voice clip and video. Typically delivered within 1-3 days.

•1 card and intuitive message explanation $4

•2 card yes or no answer $7.2

•3 card past present future $12.8

Tarot requiring appointment;

•Love reading $25.60

•6 month look ahead $36

•12 month look ahead $64


•Lost loved ones 45 min $80

•Lost loved ones 90 min $144

•Psychic guidance 45 min $72


To book please email chelseapapercakes@gmail.com or Dm @papercakes on twitter or FB Message Chelsea Van Tol (papercakes) on FB.

Paypal payment can be made to jessicarabbit2786@gmail.com

EMT payment can be made to chelseapapercakes@gmail.com

Amazon.ca gift certificates can be sent to chelseapapercakes@gmail.com

I do readings via typically FB messenger or text. I do not do phone or video call, but I use voice clips, photos, and videos in my readings.

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