Fruity Nail Art Demonstration

Hey guys! About a month ago, I filmed my first youtube video. Well, I had help - but basically my first youtube video got made! It shows me doing a little intro and then shows me doing a gel mani w nail art step by step ish. Here are also some photos of the finished product that I took, and a photo of cutie pixie filming. My friend Jordan volunteered her nails.

I've been very active online for a super long time, but video has always one I've avoided. I'm finally getting over that now and hope to have more videos soon! I dob't have an SLR camera anymore, but hopefully I will soon. For now I have my iphone and a HD webcam.. and that will have to do! I've got a stand coming for my phone soon so I can record myself doing more nails. I would really like to do some cuticle videos, and gel nails! :D

Thank you so much to the lovely Pixielocks for filming for me!

I'm Back!

So, who remembers my old blog? It's been four years since I posted there! 

I loved blogging and I miss it a lot. The old blog was called Papercakes Finds - I searched out cool indie, handmade, and small business products to share each day. I did 6 themed posts per day and I had a fun time doing it! I also did a lot of giveaways and featured all kinds of cool artists. I'm really glad to be back to blogging and can't wait to get content lined up on this one!

A big part of this blog is going to be featuring cool people from the place I live - Prince Edward Island - Canada's smallest province! We may be small but we have so much cool culture and soooo many rad people doing cool shit! I have a ton of interviews lined up w some of the best people, and I can't wait to share those with you all! I'm also going to be posting about my life, my family, witchy things, fashion, DIY, my multitude of businesses, my youtube channel, and more! So follow me on google or on bloglovin to be updated when I post! I'm going to do a facebook page for the blog as well eventually so I will be updating that every time I post! For now, it's nice to "meet" you all and I can't wait to get this really going! My sidebars still need a bit of work so I promise I'll get that done ASAP too! <3