Fruity Nail Art Demonstration

Hey guys! About a month ago, I filmed my first youtube video. Well, I had help - but basically my first youtube video got made! It shows me doing a little intro and then shows me doing a gel mani w nail art step by step ish. Here are also some photos of the finished product that I took, and a photo of cutie pixie filming. My friend Jordan volunteered her nails.

I've been very active online for a super long time, but video has always one I've avoided. I'm finally getting over that now and hope to have more videos soon! I dob't have an SLR camera anymore, but hopefully I will soon. For now I have my iphone and a HD webcam.. and that will have to do! I've got a stand coming for my phone soon so I can record myself doing more nails. I would really like to do some cuticle videos, and gel nails! :D

Thank you so much to the lovely Pixielocks for filming for me!


  1. These are so cute! I love them! I recently started a YouTube channel myself and I have one video haha. That was something I had to get over as well. Keep creating!

    1. yay!!! :D I watched your video and I love it!! :D I need to learn how to do editing/music etc yet hahaha

    2. Oh thanks! :3 I am working on that too haha