Fantasy Shopping: Modcloth

I'be been really wishing I could go shopping lately. I'm on a real budget (always) but especially with my children being out of school for the summer and having to pay more childcare in combination with wanting to go on adventures this summer. I always come last in terms of new things as we all always do as moms lol.. (if you know me, you know how I won't throw out clothing I own if it has small holes lol that is just my look now hahahhaha) fantasy shopping helps! I went on Modcloth the other day.. .one of my favorite clothing websites. I actually avoid Modcloth and Asos and hardly EVER look because I want things too much. I figured I would make it a good fantasy haul and blog about it :D

My style is what I would call "cute and girly goth" I suppose. I love dresses and mostly wear dresses with leggings, but lately I've been getting more into separates than I have for the past few years. I also picked out a couple accessories and a couple random things I would buy. It was fun to put this together!


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